Reading Response 4: Disability

One of the most important takeaways from Daniel Goodley and Katherine Runswick-Cole’s article Becoming dishuman: thinking about the human through dis/ability can be boiled down to one word: embrace. Embrace the differences around you, embrace your differences, and embrace the fact that people with disabilities are still people. They still have desires for things thatContinue reading “Reading Response 4: Disability”

Writing The Self Analysis: Normative Narratives

i) Normative narratives I thought it was interesting that so many people, including myself, wrote about a story in which they were on a vacation or a trip somewhere. Karley wrote about a story where she was on a trip to Las Vegas and she saw some people who did not have a home, TamanthaContinue reading “Writing The Self Analysis: Normative Narratives”

Writing The Self #4: Playing Dress Up

Growing up with three sisters around you all the time is not a walk in the park. I spend the majority of my time with them because my brother is usually playing hockey. My two older sisters often find joy in practicing their “skills” on me. Those skills ranged anywhere from forcibly painting my nailsContinue reading “Writing The Self #4: Playing Dress Up”

Writing The Self #3: The Children’s Discovery Center

I can’t see. The sun is shining through the windows and going directly into my eyes. I put my hands over my eyes and turn away from the windows to realize that I am on the floor. I lay on the carpet for a moment confused until I remember that I am not at home;Continue reading “Writing The Self #3: The Children’s Discovery Center”

Writing the Self #2: How Terry Crews Reminded Me of My Privilege

Laying in my bed, I decided that I was going to get off of YouTube and go watch something on Netflix instead. I’m aimlessly scrolling through my options on Netflix even though I know what I am going to end up picking. I clicked on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I’m on episode 16 of season 4; theContinue reading “Writing the Self #2: How Terry Crews Reminded Me of My Privilege”

Writing the Self #1: The Hockey Rink

Reece-Self Story 1 I was always so cold in here because I never listened to my mom about dressing properly. I sat next to my twin sister Nikki. I reluctantly decided that I would share one of those candy bags that I got at the concession for $1.25 with Nikki. My mom bought me theContinue reading “Writing the Self #1: The Hockey Rink”

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