Writing the Self #1: The Hockey Rink

Reece-Self Story 1

I was always so cold in here because I never listened to my mom about dressing properly. I sat next to my twin sister Nikki. I reluctantly decided that I would share one of those candy bags that I got at the concession for $1.25 with Nikki. My mom bought me the candy bag when she was getting a cup of hot chocolate during periods. I never liked the blue whales so I would always leave them for Nikki and eat anything sour in the bag. The startling sound of the crowd erupting with yells and claps around me caused me to gasp and allow the gummy to prematurely make its way down my throat. My brother had scored with 3 minutes left in the third period, and even though I don’t understand the game any more than to put the puck in the net, I clapped and yelled with all of the other families of the players. My oldest sister sat a few rows above us because, as my mom always joked, “she was embarrassed by the yelling”. I waved at my brother in an attempt to get his attention but he was in the middle of a standing dog pile of his own teammates. I looked across the ice to see my dad clapping and standing on the bench along with the other 2 coaches. My other older sister wasn’t around to watch my brother’s game today because she was at school practicing for her lead role in the musical. 

The game ended and I had just wanted to go home but I had to stay late as usual because my mom was the manager of the team and had to talk to the coaches and some of the players after most games. I have a few friends that are around the same age as me that went to the games, so we started playing mini-sticks in the hall until all of the players would join their parents in the lobby. The players on my brother’s team, the warriors, took forever to get ready,  but the parents didn’t seem to mind. I got bored playing mini sticks, so I gave the stick back to my friend because he had let me borrow it. I decided to stand next to my mom in the circle of parents. I didn’t even know the names of the parents that I was standing next to, but they started talking to me and asking me questions through their winter jackets that they had zipped up all the way and scarves that I have never seen anywhere else than draped around their necks. We only lived about 10 minutes away from where the rink was, so I decided that I was going to act more tired than I actually was so that I could fake fall asleep in the car so that my mom or dad would have to carry me inside. 

My brother finally walked out of the dressing room with one of his teammates and Nikki ran straight up to him to give him a hug. I had to act cool because his teammate was with him, so I just nodded at him and turned to my mom and told her that he was finally ready to go. We all stood in the lobby of the rink, with some of the players now standing with us. I pulled on my mom’s jacket, faked a big yawn, and asked her if we were going to leave soon. My mom and brother said goodbye to everyone and we walked to the car. My dad followed us out to the car shortly after we walked out of the rink. I watched him walk to the car and leaned my head against the window when he opened the door. I listened to my mom and dad talk about the game with my brother on the way home. Their conversation continued all the way until we started to pull into the driveway. I realized that we were almost home, so I quietly moved into a more comfortable position, and closed my eyes.

One thought on “Writing the Self #1: The Hockey Rink

  1. Thank you for sharing this awesome story! I portrayed this as you being a young child at the time and feel as though you captured this memory fantastically! I really enjoyed that your opening sentence was quick to draw my attention because I instantly was curious to find out what was going on. I like how you were able to tie in lots of details about your family, including your twin, older sister, mom, and your dad coaching.

    This was a very interesting read, although I found that with some word choices it sounded as though it was past tense you were talking, instead of present. When describing a few things, such as when you went and spoke with the parents. That was interesting to read about the interaction, although I feel it could have been summed up a little bit more.

    When I was finished reading I was curious whether or not you ever played hockey yourself, and got the “spotlight” feeling on the car ride home that your brother had!

    Overall, I really enjoyed reading your post! I love the way that you ended the story by you remembering hearing all about your brothers game and then realizing you were almost home, and pretending to sleep. I remember that was always something I would do as a kid so I can relate!

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